Vice President

Maureen Pace, is the Vice President of the Drew Company, overseeing strategic business development for the overall company with the Chairman and President. She is also the president of World Trade Centre Dublin and WebPort Global, the international business arms of the Boston-based Drew Company. As a member of the Drew Company Executive Management Team, Ms. Pace has more than 20 years of experience managing corporate strategy and new business development. She has been responsible for a number of consulting projects with government agencies and businesses of all sizes on the development and management of business operation functions and programs. In addition, Ms. Pace has had extensive experience helping small businesses who are challenged by the complexity of expanding into new markets, providing valuable international trade education and services globally.

Ms. Pace has led the business operation in Dublin since 2014, in addition to managing the development and launch of WebPort Global (WPG), a premier global network that bridges the gap between public and private trade resources to support small businesses on an online platform. The platform allows SMEs to understand and maximize their competitive advantage in the global market as well as network and connect with new opportunities. The WebPort Global community currently represents over 60 countries, more than 100 business partners and thousands of SMEs benefiting from membership within an affordable, efficient, international and professionally trusted environment.

WebPort Global and World Trade Centre Dublin have made Ireland their gateway to Europe.